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The process generally includes the following: Field land survey, topography, test pits, deed research, research of town records for abutter information, wetland delineation, computation and plotting, plan suitable for recording, and representation at planning board meetings. I am familiar with the zoning and planning regulations for many of the towns in southeastern New Hampshire for a smooth process to get results in a timely manner. With good preparation including contact with the town planner or state agencies, I can get approval in the first or second meeting to reduce cost and headaches. Whether you are looking for a 1 lot or 30 lot subdivision, I have the experience to get it taken care of quickly.
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Boundary Survey

I have been doing boundary land surveys in the southeastern region of New Hampshire for over 30 years. I have an extensive library of new and old maps of the region which will help solve the puzzles. Not all towns were laid out the same way 250 years ago. In some towns a rod equaled 16.5’. In others a rod was 18’. As a 1 man crew using a robotic transit I can do the work of 3 men for time and cost savings.
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Septic System Design

I have been doing septic system designs for many years and have kept up with the changing technology. I will advise you of the best type of septic system for your situation. If the conditions are right, I can design the tried and true pipe and stone system. If conditions are more difficult there are more appropriate systems to install. No one likes to see vent pipes in the middle of their lawn. When the situation requires a vent I will put in the extra effort to do a special design which puts the vent in a hidden area. Many designers and installers will not put in this extra effort. I have my own backhoe to do the test pits to lower the costs and number of people involved in the project. Also, being a land surveyor, the final septic plan will show a more accurate plan of the property than shown on the average septic plan. I will use my metal detector to help in locating any buried and hidden lot corners to be sure the design meets local and state setbacks.
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Site Assessment

On homes within 200’ of a lake, the state of NH requires that a site assessment be completed before a purchase and sales agreement is drawn. This is a simple process that I can do in a timely manner.
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Septic System Evaluation

If the buyer or seller of a home needs to know the condition of the septic system I can do a septic system evaluation. I am certified with the New Hampshire Septic System Evaluator Program and will be happy to perform an evaluation and give my professional opinion of the septic systems condition following the standards set forth by the program.

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Mortgage Inspections

If the bank requires a mortgage inspection I can provide this in a timely manner. This plan will show if the building meet local lot line setbacks.
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Construction Layout

If I am provided with a subdivision plan with roads or a site plan, I can lay out any projects you have to the standards required and asked for. If I am provided a digital plan from the original company this will also reduce costs. If the construction foreman is experienced, I can lay out just enough detail of the project to save time and money.

Site Plans

My team can provide you with a site plan for small or large projects. As with subdivisions, I will represent you at the local and state level for a timely and less costly approval process.
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Certified Plot Plans/Foundation Certifications

Many towns require these plans for any new construction. I will ensure the new building or addition meets or exceeds the local setback requirements. Even if not required, it is best to have it done to avoid future problems.
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Wetland Delineation

Most projects require that any wetlands be delineated (marked out). This can be done almost any time of year. Using my auger and experience, I will put numbered flagging along the perimeter of the wetland using the appropriate standards. I can make a plan showing the wetlands or another survey company could locate my flagging to show on their project if they don’t have a wetland scientist on staff.

Dredge & Fill Maps

If wetlands are going to be disturbed a dredge and fill map and application is required. I have a great track record on getting these projects approved. I will represent you at the state and local level. I can also do the construction layout for the project if needed.
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Flood Certifications and LOMA

Quite often when a home is being financed by a bank it is announced near the day of the closing that the building is in a flood zone with a very costly flood insurance premium to be paid yearly. In my region of southeastern NH, when I get a call from the landowner or buyer over this situation, rarely is the home actually subject to flooding as shown on the Federal Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). I can do a flood certification and if it passes I can do a LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment) to correct the flood designation and save the owner thousands of dollars in yearly premiums. Of course, if the building actually is subject to flooding, it would be very wise to get this insurance.
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Topographic Mapping

Topographic maps show how flat or steep a property is. I can do the mapping myself utilizing my field work performed in the field. This data is then downloaded into my computer to produce a detailed topographic map.

Condominium Conversion Plans

If you are planning to do a condominium conversion with your building I’d be happy to draw the required plan. I could also help you select a lawyer for the required paperwork involved.
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Shoreline Protection Plans

If your project in within 250’ of a 10+ acre pond or river that is forth order or higher, a shoreland permit plan is required by the state of NH DES. If you look at the NHDES website under shoreland permits you can get a feel for how complicated they are. I have a 100% track record on getting these plans approved on the first submittal.
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Conservation Easement Plans

A survey of the land to be put in a conservation easement (or the portion of the property to be excluded) is required. I have worked with many of the local and statewide easement holders and know what they expect to see on the plan.
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